Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Sooo close!

I almost didn't make it. It's 23:53PM in the UK. That's seven more minutes before Tuesday is officially over, and along with it Teaser Tuesday! Not on my watch.

First, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on my last teaser. Your kind and encouraging words will not be forgotten, I assure you. Also, a big thank you to whoever began the AW forum in its entirety. It's the best thing ever. Getting to hang out at a place where so many others share my passion for books is such a relief.

OK, down to business. Today's teaser is a continuation of the scene I put up last week (snip snip!). So you get to spend some more time with my very infuriating character, David. Apologies. However, I can promise that today's teaser ends on a rather stimulating note.


Snippet starts:

*Snip snip!*

Snippet ends.

Hope you enjoyed it. I'm going back to AW to read some more teasers. You lot should do the same after you're done here.


  1. Wow! I was completely hooked! I love how strongly David's voice came through even with third person! Very nice! I want to read further!

  2. Interesting snippet. I like how Jon comes across as the perfect victim and then ends up breaking the box, apparently trying to steal the box. I have a soft spot for characters that act completely contrary to how we expect them to. Now I want to know what Jon's deal is. Also, Elle's dream of "King Tut" entertained me :)

  3. Hooked. You have an amazing skill for dialogue, it was so... flowy, I guess is the right word? Lol. Nice snip.

  4. I laughed aloud when I read 'It's a flipping mask, you miserable, old git'. Haha!!! Very intriguing snip. I totally want you to continue on from this next week!

  5. This is so well-written. You've been able to convey your characters' voices extremely well. I can feel a clear distinction between David and Elle's already. I wonder what's going on here, it really kept me hooked!

  6. I just love David's voice, from his inner monologues to his insults to Elle. This was a fun read...and the boy, Jon? Whew! He was intriguing from the moment he entered and now, I want to know more! great snip :)

  7. Great voice here! It comes through so clear even in third person.
    awesome snippet.


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