Review System

Review scores will be handed in the following categories (the maximum score being 10): Characters, World Building, Prose, and Plot.

A Final Score will then be calculated, an average of the scores from all four categories.

10: I am Legend. I am unrivalled.
9: I am King. I am Queen.
8: I am a prince. I am a princess.
7: I am a nobleman. I am a noblewoman.
6: I am a master. I am a commander.
5: I am a head servant. I am average.
4: I am a hustler. True ambition eludes me.
3: I am a thief. A very terrible thief.
2: I am a street urchin. I scavenge to live.
1: I suck at everything. Retiring should be my obvious choice.
0: I should hang myself. The world is better off without me.