Title: TEWIB [Abbreviation]
Genre: Young Adult Speculative Fiction
Series/Standalone: Undecided
Book Status: Work in progress
Episode Status: Episodes 1, 2 and 3 completed. Outlining Episode 4
Central Plots: Resolved
Sub Plots: Work in progress
Draft: Second
Pages: Unavailable
Chapters: Unavailable
Words: Unavailable

Note: Synopsis subject to change. 

I was sitting right next to you in the bus, and then you were gone, along with the whole world. I was in an awful, dark place. I think I died or something. I was so scared. Then I met this terribly wounded man. He told me all this crazy stuff I can’t even remember. The lights went out again. The darkness consumed me, and it hurt so much. I wanted it all to end. Then I woke up, and here we are.
Giaan Taran leads two perfectly distinct lives, one normal, and the other full of dark, terrible secrets. These lives are about to collide, and the resulting outcome – an inconceivable chaos – will change his world forever.
Jonathan Crewe is down on his luck. His first love, Dakota, dumped him, and all through the summer he’s had nothing but recurring nightmares about her and her new boyfriend. Jon thinks his biggest problem is facing Dakota when school resumes ... that is, until he dies ... and returns.
Madeline Atwood lives for the kill, literally. Maintaining a low profile through clever personality alterations conceals her true self from her friends at school and her family at home. Her "deeds", though dangerous, have always been straightforward and handled with expert precision. So, this new one shouldn’t be any different, right? Wrong.
Amina Moore has never had to make the really tough decisions, not while she has a doting mum to shoulder such a burden. Then one night her mum is shot three times in the chest, right beside her. Now, Amina must decide whether to accept death as a crucial extension of life and learn from it, or blur the line between here and there, and reclaim what is most precious to her ... By any means necessary.