Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Notebook Review

TheNotebook For many years my girlfriends have been begging me to watch this movie. They said it was awesome. They also said Twilight and New Moon were awesome. I'm starting to lose faith in what women consider "awesome" these days, man.

The Notebook. I discovered the ending to this movie before I got halfway through the movie, and I really didn't like that. They could have done a better job at concealing the identity of Ally in the retirement home; it would have been something for me to discover, at the end, that Duke's story was about the woman he was telling it to, and that Duke was in fact Noah. So much potential, this movie had.

I can see why women love this Рthe romance is clich̩ at best, but it's got that "I'll love you forever, through thick and thin, through heaven and hell" message that women love to read about in their M&B's and Silhouettes. It's the ultimate girl fantasy, this Notebook.

Oh well.

Rating: 4/10

As for the romance, Rating: 20/10. I ... I cried when the movie ended!


  1. Thanks for the kind words about my query ^_^ Means the world. I've been reading your blog for the past hourish, and I have to say, I -love- your reviews. Spot on, darling. Spot on.

  2. Best. Movie. Ever.
    But hey, I'm a girl.

  3. lol! Yeah. The romance was really touching though, I do admit


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