Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser for the week! As usual, I'm late. Late again, Akin! No wonder I'm single lol. If I can't post something as simple as a teaser on time, how am I ever going to make it on a date on time!?

A little recap – the ever so annoying David and his adorable wife, Elle, are at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, and there they meet a boy covered in dried blood. The boy's name is Jon. The last teaser (which is still available if you want to read it) ended with Jon smashing the glass case housing the golden burial mask of Tutankhamun. Today's teaser continues from there.

Snippet starts:

*snip snap, and there it goes!*

Snippet ends.

Hope you enjoyed it, ya'll.

Also, notice how my blog has been devoid of other posts except teasers. Well, I do have some reviews I plan on putting up, but lately I've been so busy with my WIP that I haven't had time to post anything. Hopefully I can find time this week :D


  1. Ooh, interesting. I wonder why he felt compelled to steal it.

  2. I did enjoy it, even more than last week, even. Great dialogue and descriptions - great job!

  3. Your description is just so fabulous! It really draws you in!! Excellent.

  4. Good gracious. I wonder why he wanted to steal it? And clearly he's no ordinary boy! What's going on here? *is curious*

  5. This is awesome. Fantastic and authentic dialogue.

  6. Enjoyed it much. Great action and I love reading things with pyramids and mummies. Fascinating stuff. Keep it coming!

  7. I liked the one last week, but this one is great! I loved the action, and I'm left wondering what is up with Jon. Why is he compelled to take this mask? And, I can't wait to see how David and Elle get further drawn into this. Great job!...PS...sorry I'm late...crazy week! lol

  8. It's ok karla, we've all had a crazy week, me included :)
    And to everyone else, thanks!

  9. So suspenseful! I'm hooked!

    -Jill Wheeler


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