Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Synopsis!

I’ve put a new synopsis for my WIP here. And you can see it as my teaser Tuesday, even though I didn’t post it on Tuesday and it’s a synopsis :D

Here’s a bit of it:

I was sitting right next to you in the bus, and then you were gone, along with the whole world. I was in an awful, dark place. I think I died or something. I was so scared. Then I met this terribly wounded man. He told me all this crazy stuff I can’t even remember. The lights went out again. The darkness consumed me, and it hurt so much. I wanted it all to end. Then I woke up, and here we are.



  1. Ohh I am SO interested in your WIP. I didn't realize there were different characters, too. That's totally awesome. Wow, I definitely can't wait to read the whole thing!

    And I love the excerpt too. Awesome! :D

  2. Daymn! You've got me hooked right there, this WIP sounds amazing! Great work!

  3. Cool synopsis! This sounds great and mysterious!


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