Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Guess who's back?

Yeah, I missed you too ;)

Now, to business.

Eons ago, I introduced you to David and his wife Elle at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, where they met a confused and powerful boy named Jon. Unfortunately I've taken those teasers down, in case you first time visitors are curious. But I do have something for you.

Today, I give you Giaan, another pivotal character in my book. If you've read my half-arsed synopsis (which I wrote under 30 minutes) then you know Giaan is the character who makes a certain choice in the hopes of doing the right thing. But all he accomplishes is tearing a world at peace asunder and putting his friends, those he holds dear to him, in danger.

This teaser is from Episode 2, entitled "Welcome to the Family Business".

Snippet starts:

*Snip snip!*

Snippet ends.

There you go. Hope you liked it.

PS: If Kathy is commenting, can she please confirm if I won the sunshine award thingy? :D


  1. Wow, that's so sad and I'm intrigued to see what's going on.

  2. Oh no!!! How sad. :(

    I wanted to point out this line, too:

    "Raza brushed the tears from his cheek as though they were bothersome flies."

    I really liked that for some reason. Great teaser! <3

  3. oh, wow. your writing always flows so well, and pulls me in. nice snip, full of action and emotional suspense!

  4. There's so much happening here and I have so many questions! Very interesting.

  5. WOW! IN--TENSE! I esp loved when they put their foreheads together, very powerful.

  6. Yay for teaser tuesdays!!! They are so much fun to do!!!

    I just found your blog and now I'm following you!!! Look forward to future posts!!

  7. So sad :( Leaves me with loads of questions.

  8. Crazy dad + distraught MC + brave older brother = WIN for me. I really like the dynamic between your characters. It feels very real to me.

  9. This was so emotional! Very awesome snip, can't wait to see more!

  10. Wow, this snip was full of emotion and great description. I echo Becca's sentence she pulled out. I loved the comparison with flies. It shows me so much about his actions there. Plus, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it gives me insight into his thoughts/feelings. I know when I brush at flies I'm annoyed...and it's the same annoyance I have when I cry in front of people. Great snip!!

  11. Love the flow, love the dialogue, love the emotion. AWESOME :D

  12. Laura, you're right. Raza was annoyed, which was why I compared his brushing action to brush away bothersome flies. He hardly ever cries; he's always the logical, strong-willed brother, so you can imagine how he felt at that point.

    @ Everyone else, thank you, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Much appreciated

  13. wow this is intense. i really like what you're doing here. you've obviously got a natural talent for writing.

    best of luck, glen!!

  14. Hey, you´ve got a very unique style, I liked your writting very much!
    Definetly following you =)


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