Sunday, 26 October 2008

Supernatural = Super-awesome!

Normally it takes forever for me to publish my next post on my blog (check my archive if you think I'm bluffing) but after watching an episode of Supernatural titled Yellow Fever I had to kick my bad habit to the curb and do some immediate posting!

A brief synopsis: Dean Winchester catches a spirit virus that causes its victims to go through some kind of anxiety attack times a million. They become scared of ... everything (people, animals, pencils, erasers, etc). And in the end they die of a heart attack. So basically Sam and Bobby must come up with a way to save Dean in 24 hours or it's 'bye, bye Dean.' Again.

Now Dean is a tough guy. Always has been. He was the one who convinced Sam to give up law school and become a fulltime demon hunter. So seeing Dean act like this (see below) is pretty effing awesome!

At the end of the episode, just after the initial credits rolled, the good writers of Supernatural treated us to this:

I loooooove this show! Eye of the Tiger, baby!

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